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A little bit crazy. A whole lot of sense.


A little bit crazy. A whole lot of sense.

We are in the business of communication, which simply means we're here to help our clients (that could be you) make money.

Pragmatic? Definitely.  Boring? Hardly.

It is exactly this single-mindedness that has brought us to some weird and wonderful places indeed.

One campaign began with a condominium and somehow took us to ice cream. Another had us building customer traffic that took us to creating a Persian carpets oasis in a car showroom.

What all our projects have in common, however, is that we've engaged our audiences as directly as possible, making communication less of a one-way street and more of an experience.

It's worked for us and, most importantly, for our clients.

That's why Zender Fang remains committed to craziness, as long as it makes sense.


We don't think of ourselves as print specialists or ambient experts or radio gurus. Instead, we focus on producing ideas that best engage the consumer. The more direct and personal the connection, the more likely it is to spark action.

If the best way to engage is with a clever newspaper headline, we'll do that. If it requires decking an entire car out in diamonds, we'll do that too. Heck, we've even used cigars to sell bungalows.

The bottom line is that as long as an idea engages with our audience and takes our clients where they want to go, we'll do it.

If you would like to engage us, call Ronald Chan on 6221-1988. Or, submit the contact form in "Contact Us".

Freshens foul mouths

Schulke Press Campaign

Professional pharmaceutical communication is a challenge anywhere in the world. While the language has to be clinical, we think we have added a nice twist with arresting visuals and headlines in these Schulke ads.

Suzuki's 36th Anniversary

Print Campaign

Suzuki Print Ads

Suzuki Swift Campaign

There are many ways of saying swift or fast. One is thoughtfully crafting a Suzuki Swift into a running shoe. The visual did all the talking. And, you know an idea legs when we reasoned that it made sense to send motoring journalist a shoe box filled with all the Swift's PR materials. We're just happy people remembered it for some time.

The gift for any reason

Reinventing gift giving.

Press Campaign

Celebrating all those moments in life where you need to be cheered up, encouraged or simply pampered. "The gift for any reason" - a product positioning we developed for Almond Roca Singapore.

Persian Carpets Sells Lexus

When selling Lexus cars is only part of the event ....

Brand Activation Lexus Brunei

What better way to build showroom traffic for Lexus Brunei than to create an 'oasis' of Lexus cars amidst an exhibition of Persian carpets complete with tents. It just made sense when alcohol and cigars are a 'no-no' in Brunei.

Press Branding

A collaboration between Lexus Brunei and Hassan's Carpets of Singapore ... a Persian Carpet oasis in a car showroom

Direct Mail

The Lexus car launch was announced by direct mailer, sent to esteemed customers throughout Brunei.

Pack your bags Singapore and Malaysia!

Brand Launch Campaign

Launching first in Singapore and a year later in Malaysia, Pack Your Bags and the yellow suitcase device branded Expedia as a fun, exciting online travel company offering the best price guarantee for all one's travel needs.

Retail Ads

Regular retail ads in daily newspapers promote best value guarantee offers.

Web Marketing

Retail web banners accompany every retail campaign, running on sites such as Yahoo!, InSing, Air Asia and MSN.

Field Activation

On ground activation creates additional awareness and demand for retail offers.

Lexus Brunei

Lexus. Luxury Through Innovation

Lexus Innovation Campaign

The Lexus "Luxury Through Innovation" campaign.

Lexus Servicing

A nicer way to say "Free".

Launch Activation

Transforming the Lexus showroom to a 'Club Lexus' for the evening launch of the CT 200h.

Ice cream sells condominium

Press Campaign

Press Ads invited Singaporeans to name the condominium, thus creating goodwill in the neighbourhood and excitement around the impending property.

Property Field Activation

Because we had a few ice-cream carts giving free King's ice cream and entry forms to name the new condominium at Hougang, it created early on-the-ground interest for the new project so that by the time of the launch, potential customers were already predisposed and looking forward to the sales launch.

Marketing Brochure

Elements in the brochure reminded the "old money" target of nostalgic Singapore icons modernised relevantly to tie-in with the modern, tall condominium.

Rare Commercial Space

Marketing Campaign

A total communication project including brochure, press, TV, hoarding, billboard, sales gallery decor, and website. The original "rare" strata titled commercial project sold 95% within 2 months.


Sir Swettenham Bungalows

What better than to have Sir Swettenham himself do the talking for us.

Direct Mailer

25 hand-crafted direct mail pieces of cigars, a humidor and an oil painting replica of Sir Swettenham sent to select private bankers to spark the interest of their high net worth clients in the Swettenham bungalows worth an average $20 million each.
A novel approach in reaching the right target via the right 'ambassadors'.

Need a Doctor?

DocDoc, Asia's leading specialist doctor portal.

Bus Shelter Posters

Designed in partnership with Goodfellas, the backlighting of the poster sites created the perfect setting for the X-Ray concept.

DocDoc was a ZF strategy-inspired project collaborating with PR, digital and creative resources in producing an integrated launch campaign.

Grade A commercial space

The first Grade A Commercial space in Buona Vista.

Marketing Campaign

The first Grade A Commercial space in Buona Vista, Metropolis, is developed by Ho Bee Land and brought to life from name, through logo design to marketing campaign by us.

Marina Bay Financial Centre

We were privileged to market both the Financial Centre and the subterranean Link Mall.

Marketing Launch

This project demanded a different strategy and creative approach each for the Financial Centre and the Link Mall.

Retail Ads

Marketing continued into retail advertising for the Link Mall at festive periods.

Ocean Financial Centre

One of the first commercial developments in Singapore to change the landscape of Raffles Place four times over.

Marketing Campaign

A four-page centre spread spearheaded the press launch for OFC. We also capitalised on the ambient space available on site to continue the press communication.